DIY Towel Teddy Bear

DIY Towel Teddy Bears

This DIY Towel Teddy Bear is a great idea for a uniquely different way to add a towel or washcloth to a gift. Create it using baby washcloths for a baby diaper cake; using kitchen towels for a wedding towel cake; or to add to a bear hug or any other gift basket. Kids would … Read more

Used Coffee Grounds Have Value

Used Coffee Grounds Have Value

Are you dumping your used coffee grounds into the trash or down the sink? Don’t!  There are better uses for them that you have probably never thought of or known about. 1. How about using coffee grounds as to feed your plants? Coffee is highly acidic and makes great plant food.  Your tomatoes, hydrangeas, blueberries, … Read more

The Benefits of Mistakes

The Benefits of Making Mistakes

Mistakes aren’t always bad.  They can actually be very good sometimes.  And they can even prove to be very profitable. A well-known example is the accidental discovery of pencillian.  Two other, but lesser known, examples are “Post-It Notes” and “Chocolate Chip Cookies.” Post-It Notes, sometimes called sticky notes were invented until the early 70’s.  Art … Read more