The Life of an Entrepreneur

The Life of an Entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur can be very exciting but is rarely very glamorous.  Managing the daily activities of running a business can be anything but a dream.  Unless you’re just working on a hobby, your days won’t be easy and worry-free, particularly in the beginning.  But if you really have a passion for the business you … Read more

How Smokey Bear’s Timeless Marketing Campaign Can Inspire Today’s Marketers


When I first saw Smokey Bear at the Washington National Zoo back in 1960, he was already ten years old and well-known to kids everywhere as the symbol of the U.S. Forest Service’s Fire Prevention campaign. The story of his life along with the evolution of the “Prevent Forest Fires” campaign featuring Smokey is an … Read more

Have a Small Town Mindset in Your Business

How a small Town mindset can grow your business

During my lifetime, I’ve lived in towns and cities of all sizes.  Large cities like Washington DC and Berkeley, California.  Mid-sized cities like Pensacola, Florida and San Jose, California.  Small cities like Santa Cruz, California and Flagstaff, Arizona (where I finally landed).  But since my husband was a forest ranger, we’ve lived in some tiny … Read more

The Benefits of Mistakes

The Benefits of Making Mistakes

Mistakes aren’t always bad.  They can actually be very good sometimes.  And they can even prove to be very profitable. A well-known example is the accidental discovery of pencillian.  Two other, but lesser known, examples are “Post-It Notes” and “Chocolate Chip Cookies.” Post-It Notes, sometimes called sticky notes were invented until the early 70’s.  Art … Read more