Used Coffee Grounds Have Value

Are you dumping your used coffee grounds into the trash or down the sink?

Don’t!  There are better uses for them that you have probably never thought of or known about.

1. How about using coffee grounds as to feed your plants?

Coffee is highly acidic and makes great plant food.  Your tomatoes, hydrangeas, blueberries, strawberries and other garden favorites will love you for it.

2. Coffee grounds are a great natural alternative to insecticides

Have snails, slugs, ants and other pests in your yard?  Spread your used coffee grounds in the yard and they will hate you for it.  Unlike you, they hate coffee.

3. Coffee grounds make it easy for worms to work wonders in your garden.

Worms love coffee and will reward you for your used grounds with turning dirt and your grounds into rich fertilizer.  If you have a compost pile, dump your grounds there and the worms will thrive as they transform your compost into rich soil.

4. Coffee Grounds absorb those unwanted odors.

Put an open container filled with coffee grounds in your refrigerator and you’ll be amazed at how those unpleasant odors disappear.

5. Garlic smells on your hands can be eliminated

When you chop garlic for that favorite recipe, it is impossible to keep the smell from lingering on your hands. But grab a handful of used coffee grounds and scrub your hands with it and the smell will disappear.

6. Need a quick brown dye?

Damp coffee grounds can be used to dye a number of things, including clothing, hair, tiles, paper, and more. So try it the next time you need to dye your favorite shirt to match the coffee that you spilled on it.

7. Coffee grounds make a great substitute scrubber for pots and pans.

Don’t waste your money on another scrubbing pad! Coffee grounds, due to their coarse texture, are perfect for cleaning up those stubborn food and grease-encrusted pans. Adding grounds to a paper towel and scrubbing a dirty pan is a quick and effective way to clean up those difficult food messes.

8. Use as an exfoliant for your body.

I bet you didn’t know that coffee is full of antioxidants.  That, plus the coarseness of the grounds, makes them a great body scrub.

9. Don’t Forget the Face!  They can even be used as a facial mask.

Another recycling tip for those used grounds is to use them as a facial mask in the morning.  The caffeine and the antioxidants, which eliminate the toxins and give you a healthy glow are great.

10. Innovative moms use coffee grounds to make an edible mud-like play-dough.

Check out the mom website for a make-it-yourself mud-like  playdough that the kids will love.

So the next time that you are making that pot of coffee, remind yourself of all the time and money saving ways that you can recycle those grounds once the coffee is made.

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