DIY Towel Teddy Bear

This DIY Towel Teddy Bear is a great idea for a uniquely different way to add a towel or washcloth to a gift. Create it using baby washcloths for a baby diaper cake; using kitchen towels for a wedding towel cake; or to add to a bear hug or any other gift basket. Kids would love receiving this cute little towel bear in one of your kids gift baskets.

Here are the written instructions for making this DIY Towel Teddy

    1. You need a washcloth or towel, 3 rubber bands, and a ribbon to tie around the neck.
    2. Place your towel lengthwise and roll the top and bottom sides inwards equally.  Do the same if using a wash cloth.
    3. Fold it in almost half, leaving the legs free at the bottom, and turn it over, while twisting the top part to make the head.
    4. Decide where the neck will be and use a larger rubber band to secure the towel at this point.
    5. Puff up the ears a bit and secure each with small rubber band.
    6. Tie a ribbon on top of the neck to give your teddy some style.
    7. You can add glue on eyes if you wish.

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