A Time of Renewal

Just came back from a walk with Grayson, my dog with three paws, and discovered that spring is finally peaking it’s head out of the snow. Crocus are blooming, daffodils are sprouting, the sky is a brilliant blue that can only be found in a few places in our country, and the sun is shining.

So what does this have to do with you? And what does it really have to do with me?

Spring is a time of renewal — of starting fresh with an outlook as bright as the sun is shining today. It’s a time to push all the clouds out of our life and experience a bright blue sky and future.

Winter has been difficult for many of us. For me, personally, I lost the man who was the wind beneath my wings. I had cataract surgery that did not go well and was told I was going to require a cornea transplant. But even though I can never see that special man in my life again, I did wake up a week before the appointment for the surgery with the ability to see out of that eye again. Miracles do happen.

And even when we start fresh again as spring fills the air, like that solar eclipse that some of us will see on Monday, there will be days of darkness and clouds.

But I don’t plan on letting those clouds stop me from moving on and enjoying what is left of my life and I hope you don’t either. If you are discouraged with your business or your life, don’t give up. Plan for a future that is bright and filled with joy, hope, and peace. I know that is exactly what I am doing and I hope that you will join me.


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